What factors determine the price of LED display screens

Chinese LED display screen companies have also achieved good development in the world market. As an important production base for LED screens, China has thousands of LED display screen manufacturers, but the prices of each LED display screen manufacturer are vastly different.
Why does this phenomenon exist? We know that the decisive factor in determining the price of display screens lies in the material selection of each company. As a major consumer commodity, the stability of quality and lifespan of LED electronic screens are crucial. Cheap and low-quality products will only bring endless maintenance difficulties to customers; Causing increasingly heavy after-sales service burdens on manufacturers.
The quality of LED screens produced by different enterprises varies due to various reasons, mainly including: ① the quality, brightness, brightness uniformity, packaging technology of LED display modules; ② The communication transmission method of data and anti-interference ability; ③ Display multi-point adjustment of scanning circuit current and control the current at each point. After multiple adjustments, the display screen not only has better uniformity, but also displays better brightness and color effects of the image. The dedicated display scanning circuit has a better display effect, but the price is relatively expensive.

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The LED screens sold in the market are produced by many enterprises using the same design technology, methods, and display modules, but their performance differences are relatively large. The different color ratios result in significant differences in image effects; The scanning frequency and working current of the module not only affect brightness, but also involve issues such as service life. Therefore, correctly determining various technical parameters is the key to manufacturing display screens, and can also be said to be a reflection of technical experience.
The factors that determine the price of LED display screens
The use of LED chip materials is different: good LED chips have high brightness, low brightness attenuation, long service life, good color consistency, and slightly higher prices. The use of connectors: High quality connectors have a high frequency of insertion and removal, which is beneficial for long-term display screen maintenance operations; The price is higher than that of low-quality connectors.
Control System Usage: The high-quality control system enables the display screen to have a higher refresh rate, color grayscale, and contrast, making software operation convenient.
At present, the production and manufacturing quantity of dual color light-emitting diode (LED) displays is relatively large, and their technology is also relatively mature. The structure and principle of display screens manufactured by various enterprises are basically similar, and some professionals produce display multimedia cards. Therefore, improving the technical performance of LED screens and reducing costs are the key to competition among various enterprises.
Installation and after-sales service of LED screens
A. Our display screens pay attention to simplifying the structure as much as possible during the production process for easy installation, and we also provide customers with a frame structure diagram as a reference. Our quotation does not include installation costs, unless otherwise specified in the purchase contract.
B. The warranty period for the display screen is 3 years. During the warranty period, all damages not caused by improper operation.

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