Future Trends of rental LED display screen market

With the continuous improvement and rapid development of LED display screen technology, more and more led display makers are engaged in the LED display screen industry, and the competition in the industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Blind investment in the early stage has had a significant impact on the industry. Due to a lack of emphasis on quality and blindly reducing costs, the entire LED display screen market has become very chaotic.

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In the past two years, the profit margin of mid-range display screen projects has remained at a maximum of 10% to 15%. Channel providers are able to maintain a profit margin of 8% to 10%, and some do not have a profit margin of 5%. A market research institution once conducted statistics: there are more than 40 companies in China that achieve LED display screens worth over 100 million yuan, while there are not many companies that can achieve a net profit of 10%. Sometimes LED display screen manufacturers even have to lower their profits in order to retain customers. It is understood that the profit of the LED display screen industry is usually around 10%, with the highest being between 10% and 15%, and the lowest even being only 5% profit.
Nowadays, walking on bustling road sections is almost like taking a few steps at a time. The grand screens at the entrance of various government buildings, the large screens built by advertising companies, the promotional color screens set up by street facing shops, as well as hotels, banks, shopping malls… Since then, our lives have been surrounded by various large screens.
Can the LED display screen industry continue to develop at a high speed and break through this dilemma. What are the future development trends and advantages of LED displays?

In fact, the current low profit margin of LED displays is limited to conventional displays. It is understood that many companies only invested hundreds or millions of yuan to start producing display screens, but due to technological limitations, most companies can only produce conventional products, which naturally leads to fierce competition in this market.
With the expansion of segmented application fields, especially in stage decoration, the demand for LED display screens has been increasing in recent years, which has put forward higher requirements for their display effect and installation structure. There are two major development directions for LED display screens in the future: one is to make them bigger, and the other is to make them more precise.
At present, there are only a few manufacturers in China that can produce ultra large display screens with an area of over 1000 square meters, and high-definition displays are the trend of the current market. High end stage design such as the Spring Festival Gala cannot achieve such stunning effects without high-definition LED displays. The prices of mid to high end displays like this are naturally skyrocketing, and the profit margins are also much higher than ordinary displays. As long as the quality and technological content of LED displays are improved, the market prospects are still very broad and promising.

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