Testing, maintenance, and upkeep methods for LED screens

Do everyone have knowledge about the detection and maintenance of LED screens? If we can have a clear understanding, we can avoid some problems during use and extend the lifespan of LED display screens. Now, we will explain a few quick detection methods for everyone:

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1. Short circuit detection method: Set the multimeter to the short circuit detection position. If there is evidence indicating a short-term phenomenon, it must be resolved immediately. In short, LED screen and module faults are common phenomena of short circuits. Some observers can detect the feet by listening to the pins on the IC’s feet. Short circuit testing should avoid electrical damage if operated. This method is the most commonly used method, simple, effective, and efficient. More than 90% of all detection methods that pass this test.

2. Resistance test resistance, redistribute the test audio to the circuit board with normal A point, use another identical electrical system to test the normal power consumption of the same test circuit point, and if there are differences, if there are different systems, determine the scope of the problem.

3. Voltage, test voltage, audio suspicion, at some points in the circuit voltage, therefore, using similar comparisons can promote the normal range of the problem.

4. The pressure drop during diode testing in the voltage drop testing section is reduced due to the miniaturization of the only integrated unit in many IC’s basic knowledge. Therefore, when the current passes through the pin, it will stand up due to the presence of voltage drop. In general, when the pins of the same IC are so similar, the voltage drop value of the pins with such poor pressure drop in the circuit is compared.

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