What is an energy-saving and low-carbon LED screen?

The implementation of LED energy-saving display screens mainly starts from the power supply. Half bridge or full bridge high-efficiency switching power supply is directly used on existing LED screens, and synchronous rectification has significant energy-saving effects. Minimize the power supply voltage as much as possible under the constant current state of the driving IC, and achieve better energy-saving effects by separating the power supply of the red, green, and blue transistors.

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Main characteristics of low-carbon and energy-saving LED display media:

1. Low carbon and energy-saving LED screen media are widely used in public places, advertising, urban road networks, urban parking lots, transportation guidance systems such as railways and subways, and highways.
2. Adopting VGA synchronization technology, the large screen content is synchronized with CRT, and changing advertising content is simple and convenient; Super large graphics, strong vision, high brightness, and long lifespan.
3. Rich in color and diverse in display methods (graphics, text, 3D, 2D animation, TV screen, etc.).
4. The appearance is novel and unique, which can enhance the level of urban technology, enrich the cultural life of urban residents, and make it easier for residents to accept.
China belongs to a country with a large land and thin land, and the concept of low-carbon energy conservation has been a corresponding slogan in recent years. Therefore, the widespread use of LED displays cannot ignore low-carbon energy conservation technology, such as the 100 square meter PH20 outdoor full color LED display screen, which is calculated based on using it for 14 hours per day and 365 days per year. The energy-saving display screen saves over 100000 kWh of electricity annually compared to traditional displays. Assuming that industrial electricity is calculated at 1 yuan/kWh, the annual electricity cost savings are over 100000 yuan, which means that the annual electricity cost savings are over 1000 yuan per square meter.
The new energy-saving LED full color display screen adopts the following latest research and development design concepts:
1. Separation of power supply for light drive: 3.3V voltage supply for LED light board, 5V voltage supply for LED drive board
2. Adopting high-efficiency switching power supply: with an efficiency of up to 90%, designed with PFC and synchronous rectification circuit to reduce thermal energy consumption
3. New heat dissipation system design: adopting a new one push one pull hot air flow circulation scheme and adopting the optimal heat dissipation layout
4. Choose a bright LED scheme
5. Optimal PCB component layout and PCB wiring scheme

With the continuous improvement of light-emitting diode (LED) technology, the application field of semiconductor lighting gradually expands, from the initial urban lighting and special lighting to LED display screens, traffic lights, brake lights, LCD backlights, as well as outdoor lighting and general lighting. The LED lighting industry will become the mainstream of the future market with advantages such as energy conservation, environmental protection, and longevity.

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